We guarantee our eyewear to be perfect for each and every client. We promise to troubleshoot each pair of lenses and frames until the end product is perfect, guaranteeing the best possible vision and maximum comfort.

From its inception in 1989, Shades has been committed to a culture of innovation and excellence in technologically advanced eyewear. Shades recently became one of the first optical centers to offer Computer Eyes, a comprehensive solution for computer vision. Shades now offers the Shades Progressives system, a technical solution that ensures progressive lenses’ proper cut and adjustment and creates lenses that offer a natural, comfortable progressive vision. Such a high level of quality control is possible because Shades owns and operates its own lab and invests in the highest quality equipment available, guaranteeing the best prescription finishings.

Shades Optical is dedicated to utilizing the latest advancements in optometry in order to give patients the full range of eyewear options and ensure the very best lifestyle choices. Each individual receives extensive personal attention to match the right lenses with the right frames for him or her.

Shades Optical offers the highest quality lenses paired with the most stylish frames. Love your glasses more!

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Dr. Bill is now utilizing advanced retinal imaging technology to scan the layers at the back of the eye to view the entire depth of tissue. This allows for early detection of potentially threatening conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes and hypertension. This advancement allows us to diagnose early stage conditions and promote healthy vision.

The Best Vision Starts With The Best Eye Exam.

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Whether reading the menu at a restaurant, enjoying the newspaper, or spending a lazy afternoon with a good book. We rely on our vision to see our computer monitors, the dashboards in our cars and the playing cards on the poker table. When problems with our vision occur, situations in everyday life become frustrating. The lines around the edges are blurred, the words on the page disappear.

There are no longer limitations to correcting these uncomfortable and frustrating visual changes. The Shades Progressives system is designed to correct and enhance each individual experience by creating custom solutions for your vision needs. Our innovative lenses offer a full range of vision at every focal length, providing immediate comfort and clarity.

The Shades Progressives system relies on a technical combination of the proper measurements for each pair of lenses and adjusting the frames’ fit, so that you can see properly and comfortably through them. Our process for perfecting progressive lenses and frames is a technical balance of quality materials, precision equipment and detailed attention to prescription needs and facial measurements. Every pair of Shades Progressives are specifically crafted to ensure your maximum comfort and to create the very best vision.

Shades Progressives enhance the lifestyle of those who struggle seeing at any focal length. The level of attention necessary to perfect each pair of Shades Progressives is typical of Shades Optical eye care and what has made Shades superior to other retailers for decades.

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Do you ever experience discomfort from using your computer? Do you get headaches? Does your neck and back get sore? Do your eyes burn? These symptoms may be a result of Computer Eyes.
Many people need corrective lenses specifically for the computer. Shades Computer Eyes lenses are customized for your visual needs to ensure comfort and eliminate computer eyestrain.

A Shades Optical Computer Eyes exam is the first step in creating a comprehensive solution for computer eyestrain. A Shades Computer Eyes exam isn’t just for those who spend all day on their computer. Even those who spend a few hours a day checking email and surfing the Web may experience eye strain as a result.

Think of Computer Eyes lenses like a pair of reading glasses – lenses you use for a specific purpose, even if you don’t need glasses at any other time. Clients who receive a Computer Eyes exam and then try out a pair of lenses consistently say how good their eyes feel when using a computer.

Let’s talk about focus. When you look at a computer screen, the pixels of light cause your eyes’ focus to lag. As your eyes struggle to lock on to the computer, they continuously cycle between lagging and refocusing. This cycle can eventually lead to eye strain.

The Shades Computer Eyes exam gauges the severity of that cycle. It measures your eyes’ amount of lag when looking at a computer screen, and is simple, painless and accurate. As with every Shades Optical eye exam, Shades brings their trademark attention to detail and commitment to precision, so you don’t have to worry about getting it right.

After your exam, Shades will craft a comprehensive solution tailored to your eyes’ specific needs. He’ll help you choose a pair of Computer Eyes lenses that will correct your computer vision for maximum comfort. Shades collaborates with Zeiss, a world-leading eye lens developer, to provide you with the very best product for your eyes. Love your Google more. Stop in for a Shades Computer Eyes exam today.

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