We guarantee our eyewear to be perfect for each and every client. We promise to troubleshoot each pair of lenses and frames until the end product is perfect, guaranteeing the best possible vision and maximum comfort. From its inception in 1989, Shades has been committed to a culture of innovation and excellence in technologically advanced eyewear. Shades recently became one of the first optical centers to offer Computer Eyes, a comprehensive solution for computer vision. Shades now offers the Shades Progressives system, a technical solution that ensures progressive lenses’ proper cut and adjustment and creates lenses that offer a natural, comfortable progressive vision. Such a high level of quality control is possible because Shades owns and operates its own lab and invests in the highest quality equipment available, guaranteeing the best prescription finishings. Shades Optical is dedicated to utilizing the latest advancements in optometry in order to give patients the full range of eyewear options and ensure the very best lifestyle choices. Each individual receives extensive personal attention to match the right lenses with the right frames for him or her. Shades Optical offers the highest quality lenses paired with the most stylish frames. Love your glasses more!